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About Us

The Board of Directors for H.O.L.A. Labor Consultants, Inc. are Charles "Chuck" Twist (President) and Timothy "Tim" Tunin (Secretary of Treasure).

Chuck and Tim are businessmen with over 50 years combined experience in the green industry as owners of their still successful landscape maintenance company.

Before themselves finding out about the H-2B program in 1997 and implementing the program into their business, these two entrepreneurs were ready to close the doors to their own business due to a severe labor shortage and a lack of being able to find honest and dependable workers.

At the time, very little was known about the H-2B program by anybody, and after having a bad experience with a labor agent that was hired to secure H-2B visas for them, the two spent the next year researching the program for themselves.

Their first H-2B certification was a success, and after four consecutive years of success with their own company, they began assisting other companies with H-2B as well.  As a result of these successes, H.O.L.A. Labor Consulting Inc. was born.

To sum it up, H.O.L.A. has had 100% success helping to secure H-2B workers for various types of businesses including lawn/landscaping, nurseries, paint contractors and restaurants.

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