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What H.O.L.A. Will Do For You:

bulletWe will assist you in determining if your company qualifies for temporary labor certification.
bulletWe will assist you in sorting through the bureaucratic red tape of four entirely different government agencies to help you get H-2B Visa approval for your company for as many workers as you need.
bulletWe will assist you in recruiting workers or we can assist you in getting your own recruited workers to your company.
bulletWe guarantee that you will get H-2B labor certification and immigration approval or you pay us nothing beyond our low retainer fee.

The Workers Will:

bulletGet real Social Security cards.
bulletBe able to get a drivers license.
bulletBe legal to work ONLY for you up to 10 months per year.

You Will:

bulletHave a dependable and hard working crew.
bulletSleep better at night knowing that everything is on the "up and up".
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