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H-2B Is Right For You If:

bulletYou have been struggling to find hard working, dependable, willing and able domestic laborers.
bulletThe job is full-time (40 hours per week minimum) yet is of a temporary nature.  The employers need for the services or labor shall be either (1) a one time occurrence; (2) a seasonal need; (3) a peakload need; or (4) an intermittent need.
bulletYou can prove that the job fits one of the above requirements.  For many industries a simple letter explaining the nature of the position is all that is needed.  Other industries may need to disclose tax or payroll records as proof.
bulletYou are willing to pay at least the prevailing wage for your particular industry.  Prevailing wage can be as low as the federal minimum wage depending on your industry and your location.
bulletYou either (1) have experience working with non-English speakers; or (2) are willing to make some changes to adapt to a few cultural differences.
bulletYou or someone in your organization is willing to assist the workers in finding low cost housing, setting up utility accounts and acclimating them into the community.

H-2B Will NOT be:

bulletAn immediate solution to obtain laborers.  The process will take anywhere from 60 to 150 days, with 120 days being average.
bulletA way to get cheap day laborers.
bulletA way to avoid payroll taxes or workers compensation insurance.

H-2B Can be:

bulletA solution to your labor headaches.
bulletA way to avoid having to pay unemployment compensation during your "off" season.
bulleta solution to dramatically reduce employee turnover rates.


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