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"If you don't already know him, Chuck is a hard working, successful landscaper in his own right. He is one of us. He knows what bothers us and he knows what has to be accomplished in order for us to make our ends to meet!

Chuck started H.O.L.A. from the necessity of taking care of his OWN labor needs, which werenࢥing met by another provider. In that process he not only learned what was required for his own needs but also found how much he could help other companies in the landscaping industry in their needs also. As such, he has first hand knowledge of all the current complexities that are involved with the H2B process.

Throughout this season I have talked to Chuck EXTENSIVELY regarding the troubling revelations that have surfaced among the H2B providers and the complexities involved with these issues. I am convinced that H.O.L.A., under the guidance of Chuck and his team, not only know what they are doing, but have a great system to help simplify the H2B process. We have all heard stories, or experienced for ourselves, the exasperating problems that other H2B providers have brought to our industry and I am convinced that H.O.L.A. will provide their customers with the utmost in professional services.
I am so convinced of this that I have contracted with Chuck to take care of my own H2B process for Carver̡wn & Landscaping this year. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is.

 I don't do this very often... as a matter of fact I can think of only one other product that I have ever actually endorsed. So毲 those of you who know me, you understand that IF I put my money where my mouth is then you know I believe in the company!

Give him a call and ask him any questions you have on H2B. He is a great guy and will answer all your questions FREE of charge!!!"
Rick Carver
Compass Systems, Inc.


"Dear Mr. Twist,

We at Hadco Services would like to thank you for your efforts in getting our H-2B visas processed.  We had opportunities to use several other companies, but felt your individual attention to detail was our reason for going with you.  Your phone calls, translation services and written translations have been excellent.  You have continued to keep in touch with me on a regular basis to check up on my men.  I know this took great effort on your part, since your only job was to help us in getting our visas.  My men speak very highly of you and greatly appreciate all you have done.

I hope we can return the favor someday for all the extras.  If you need us as a reference in the future, please do not hesitate to let us know.  No company could get any better service than what your company has given us.

Wesley G. Hadsell
Managing Director
Hadco Services, LLC"


This was a compliment posted today on the Clip forum. I thought you may like to have it. I have read your post's from time to time on the L&L board and appreciate your contributions.
Have a great weekend!
Rick Carver

This was our first try at H2B and we used H.O.L.A. a company out of Stillwater, OK. Chuck Twist at H.O.L.A. is EXTREMELY quick to respond and very up on sending information. Though we had a few bad apples, we were approved for all of the 20 employees that we requested. I was not disappointed with Chuck but with some of the workers. I would recommend to at least talk with Chuck and interview him. If you wish, you can call me and discuss at the number below.
Alan Roark
Roark Landscaping Corporation
5809 S. 107th E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74146
918/294-3322 FAX



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