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H.O.L.A. Labor Consultants, Inc. assists organizations in overcoming their labor challenges by making it possible and legal to employ workers from Mexico and other foreign countries via the H-2B visas program.

Companies rely on H.O.L.A. Labor Consultants, Inc. to work FOR them, to work WITH them, and to REMAIN ONGOING PARTNERS with them from the beginning of the H-2B process through getting their workers to the job site and continuing throughout the duration of the work visa authorization period.
We will NOT disappear after all the bank deposits have been made.  
We are confident that all of our past and current clients would attest to their satisfaction with our H-2B labor certification and recruiting services and would be enthusiastic about giving us two thumbs up.  
We demand that YOU tell US how many of our past clients you want to contact for references.   
We look forward to working with you!
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